We're a boutique dev shop; all our developers are equal partners.
We've been developing for mobile since 2000.
Our work includes UX, iOS, Android, and Backend.
With Sharkfood, you will get top quality code with amazingly fast turnaround times.

Complete solutions

Whether turnkey, add-ons, or upgrades to existing systems, we will provide you with solutions for backend, frontend, and UX.

iOS & MacOS

We love iOS & the Mac.
Need an app? Maybe something for your Apple Watch? How about the AppleTV?
We've got you covered.
(Did we mention this website is written in Swift?).


We wouldn't be mobile developers if we didn't do Android, would we?
Phones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV - we've got it all.


Some of our apps.


The Diamond Market

Instant Talk

Instant Talk

Push To Talk service

Telus LINK

Telus LINK

Telus LINK (Instant Talk white label for Telus Canada)

Push Telcel

Push Telcel

Push Telcel (Instant talk white label for Telcel Mexico)

Let’s Talk Business.


Berlin, Germany
Tel Aviv, Israel
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